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Printing Services in los angeles

We seek to deliver you the best-printed materials at competitive prices so that every entrepreneur or organization in Los Angeles can afford our printing services.
T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt PrintingAt VELV Design & Printing, we are the go-to company for all of your shirt-printing needs. Whether you need to order custom t-shirts in-bulk for a special event or a single custom t-shirt as a gift, the shirt printing experts at VELV Design & Printing are able to help!

When you work with us, ordering custom t-shirts is a hassle-free and inexpensive process. Simply send us your design along with any specific instructions that you might have and we’ll bring your design to life in the form of high-quality t-shirts made just for you.

Our Custom T-Shirt Printing Process

Once you’ve sent us the design for your custom t-shirt, your work is done. Our t-shirt printers will go to work incorporating your design into high-quality t-shirts and ship them straight to your door – all at the most affordable rates on the market.

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In order to ensure that we deliver the best possible custom t-shirts to our customers, we make use of the latest in t-shirt printing technology and procedures as well as partner with the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers for quality that you can trust each and every time.

At VELV Design & Printing, we are experienced at printing custom t-shirts for a wide range of uses. Whether you need to print logo on shirt for a company event, print custom t-shirts for a sports team, create custom t-shirts for a family vacation, or anything in-between, we look forward to being at your service!

Quality that You Can Trust

At VELV Design & Printing, our dedication to customer satisfaction is truly second to none. We understand the important role that custom t-shirts play in a wide range of events, and the expert printers at our t-shirt print shop always work to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Bridging the gap between a major printing chain and a local print shop, VELV Design & Printing works to deliver the type of personalized dedication that you expect from a local print shop combined with the quality and capabilities of a major printing chain.

If you want to ensure that your next event goes off without a hitch, you can count on us to provide you with eye-catching, long-lasting custom t-shirts in a timely and affordable manner.

Let VELV Design & Printing Help With all Your Custom T-Shirt Needs

If you need a batch of custom t-shirts printed for your next event, we at VELV Design & Printing would love the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality custom t-shirts on the market today. Custom t-shirt printing is both our specialty and our passion, and nothing makes us happier than the chance to bring a customer’s unique design to life in the form of a high-quality t-shirt.

If you would like to see for yourself what sets VELV Design & Printing apart from the competition, we invite you to send us your design today and let us help with all of your custom t-shirt needs!

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Digital and Print Marketing for the Modern World

At VELV Design and Printing, we are committed to helping business owners across the country grow their brand and maximize their profits through a variety of marketing services such as print marketing, branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and more. A one-stop-shop for all things related to print and digital marketing, we make it easier than ever before for businesses to access all of the marketing services they need to excel in the modern market.

Whether you need to design an eye-catching and easy-to-use website that will serve as the cornerstone for your digital marketing efforts, create a social media ad campaign to target your ideal customers and increase traffic to your site, print custom t-shirts for a company event, or anything in-between, the design and marketing experts at VELV are able to help.

By taking a comprehensive approach to branding and marketing that takes full advantage of both print and digital avenues, we have been able to help countless business owners grow their brand, bring in more customers, and ultimately increase their profits. If you would like to see for yourself the business-boosting benefits of working with our industry-leading design and marketing professionals then we look forward to being at your service!


Hayk Föhn

Professional DJ Hayk Foehn came to us needing a website that would serve as his introduction to the online world. Ultimately, we were able to create an attractive website for Hayk that incorporated both his Instagram feed as well as…

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Titan Pavers

Titan Pavers needed a website that would showcase their numerous stunning projects, including pool deck designs, driveway designs, patio designs, and more. To present these projects in the best possible light, we were able to design a highly functional and…

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MadBoss Autogroup

When MADBOSS came to us asking for help creating a new website, they requested a sleek and modern design that would help set them apart from the competition. In the end, we were able to design a highly attractive website…

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Brighter Day Health Care Website

BRIGHTER DAY HEALTHCARE needed a calm and welcoming website that would help give their visitors valuable peace of mind. To help them meet this goal, we were able to design a website that features warm, inviting colors, pleasing images, and…

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Asterisco Children’s Milti-Brand Store

Asterisco requested an eye-catching e-commerce website that would both help them attract new customers as well as interact with their existing customer base and keep them coming back for more.

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Armen’s Auto Service

Armen’s Auto Service wanted an attractive and easy-to-use website that would help them introduce their services to more local customers. When they came to us, we were able to help them design a professional-looking and functional site that will serve…

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Gali’s Special Occasions Catering

As a catering company, Gali’s Special Occasions Catering needed a website that would make their food items look as tasty and appealing as possible. We were able to help them accomplish this goal by designing an eye-catching website that features…

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D Design Inc

D Design Inc is a construction company that came to us asking for a unique website design that would set their portfolio of completed projects apart from the competition. After working closely with them, we were able to design a…

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Delta K9 Academy

Delta K9 Academy is a dog-training and breeding company that requested a new website that would highlight their services as well as present the remarkable database of dogs that they have available for sale and breeding. In the end, Delta…

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Pacific Coast Developers

Pacific Coast Developers is a construction company that needed an appealing and functional website that would showcase their construction portfolio. After the design was complete, both we at VELV Design and our good friends at Pacific Coast Developers were thrilled…

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BeSimcha BeSimcha is a non-profit organization that needed a website that would help tell their heartwarming story to the world and bring more supporters into their fold. In the end, we were able to go above and beyond their expectations…

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EA Certs Website

EA Certs – a company that offers a number of CPR and medical training classes – came to us asking for a professional-looking website that would also help them automate the time-consuming process of confirming course bookings. After working closely…

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What Sets Websites Designed by VELV Design Apart

Delta K9 Website Responsiveness Showcase

Our Innovative Web Development Process
At VELV Design, we specialize in building exceptional custom CMS and E-commerce websites. In addition to this, we are experts at seamless integration, helping you build your website from scratch as well as flawlessly integrate it with useful third-party APIs. For a better understanding of what it’s like to work with the web development professionals at VELV Design, here is a description of our innovative design process.

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Discovery and Planning
Our web design process starts with us interviewing you the client to learn more about what your goals are for your website, what sets your business apart, and how we can best communicate the value of your business through a great website. At the end of this phase, after we’ve worked together to come up with a vision and timeline for your website, the design process can begin.

UX Planning
In the second phase of our web design process, we lay down the basic architecture for your website. This includes designing the basic layout, the features, functionalities, and user path flows of the website. In many ways, this phase is similar to designing a blueprint for a new house. ted as well.

Design Mockups
Once we have a blueprint for your website in place, our web designer will begin sending you mockups for how the finished website will look. Only once you’ve chosen a vision that you would like to move forward with will we proceed with the next phase of your website’s design.

Back-End Web Design
At this point, our talented coders will work to build the website that we’ve designed using HTML5 for the frontend coding and providing a CMS (content management system) that will allow you to update your responsive site at any time. ss can begin.

Testing for Quality Assurance
Once your website is fully built, we will thoroughly test is across multiple devices to ensure that it looks and performs exactly as intended no matter what device a user is viewing it on. In addition to this, security measures for your website are also put into place and tested, and the SEO performance of your website is tested as well.

Testing and Optimization
With your custom website now complete, we’ll help you launch your website and take it live. Upon your website’s launch, we’ll analyze it one more time for performance to ensure everything is working as it is intended to. During the early phases of the launch, we’ll also work with you to optimize your website in order to improve time on site, conversion rates, and other key metrics.


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