Logo Design

Make Your Brand Shine with Creative Logo Design

If you want your business to stand out and be recognizable, you need to engage in branding. Now, there are many elements that go into creating a brand and one of them is your logo. A logo is basically like a signature. It signifies that your brand is unique and more importantly, separate from the rest of the businesses that offer similar services or products. This is exactly why businesses everywhere spend the time and money to have unique logos. A unique logo can make an impression and that matters a lot in the business world. If you can’t impress your target audience, you’re going to have some major trouble establishing your business.

It’s Proven!

There are several studies that prove just how important a logo is a for a brand. For instance, in one study, conducted by Crowdspring, it was pointed out that 48% of customers will become loyal to a business, that they patronize for the first time, if said business can impress them right away. This is just one among many studies that proves the importance of first impressions. Logos are how you make that impression.

A logo represents a business’s attributes and values to the larger public. They are meant to take the business to the people. This is why the designing of a logo isn’t something to be taken lightly. A logo needs to convey everything about the business. This includes what the business stands for and what their objectives are.

For instance, the logo for e-commerce giant “Amazon” has an arrow pointing from the letter “A” to the letter “Z”. This is to communicate that customers can find everything from A to Z on the Amazon e-store. It’s a brilliant way to communicate the company’s purpose and goal.

VELV Design’s Logos Stand Out

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We can help you achieve this by creating meaningful and stunning logos for your business at extremely affordable rates. We have expert designers who understand the importance of logos and how to create ones that make that “first impression” we spoke of. So, if you ever need a logo, just get in touch with VELV Design – your number one custom logo design service in Los Angeles area!