Print Advertisements

Rake in the Revenue with Our Print Advertisement Service

There’s no denying that we live in the age of technological disruption. As time passes, we become more and more dependent on technological cools. This isn’t going to change. That’s the thing about technology – it constantly evolves and forces humankind to switch from one thing to another. This has been true for the advertising industry as well. Today, it’s all about online advertising; social media, digital signage, websites, and what not. But, despite the continued movement towards digital channels, Los Angeles print advertising still remains relevant. So, if you’re a business trying to carve out your territory, print advertising may be the best option for you.

Print Advertising Is Equal to Credibility

Believe it or not, print advertising still has way more credibility than digital advertising.  As surprising as it sounds, it really isn’t. Think about it – the online world is filled with junk. You don’t know what’s spam and what’s genuine. You obviously get hundreds of junk mail everyday and there is no way in hell you’re going to be able to sort through them. However, when you see a fresh advertisement in the newspaper, you know it can be trusted. You know that it’s been vetted and the company/business behind the advertisement is genuine. When it comes to trust and credibility, print will always have the upper hand.

The Numbers Prove It

If you still think print is a no-no, think again. There are statistics out there to prove you wrong. For instance, some studies have shown that influencers are often influenced by print advertisements. Influencers are basically customers who are known to have an influence over the buying decisions made by other consumers.

Print Advertisement Are Not Intrusive

Print advertisements are not intrusive at all. They are found in magazines and newspapers, which means consumers can ignore them by flipping the page. Of course, the goal may be to get them to notice, but at least you won’t annoy them and they can always take a look at it any other time. However, consumers do get annoyed with digital ads because they often pop up at the wrong time and the wrong place. This can cause the customer to ignore your brand on purpose.

VELV Design Delivers the Best Print Advertisements in Los Angeles Area

In order for your print advertisement to work, it needs to be unique and creative. That’s where VELV Design comes in. We are the  leading name in Los Angeles printing business, capable of providing our clients with exactly what they need. To top it all off, we offer our services at tempting prices. So, get in touch with us for the best Los Angeles print advertisements service today!