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Whether you run a business or are organizing an event, there are some things that are of the utmost importance to the success of your business/event. One of those things is getting the right signage design. Signage is a very important tool that goes into your branding toolkit. It’s just as valuable as your logos or your custom fonts.There are several reasons why.

To begin with, signs can serve as silent salesmen. How else do you thing you’re going to grab attention outside of the digital world? With signage, of course. That’s how businesses have been doing it since the early days and the truth is, signage still plays a very important role in the branding and marketing process.

Advantages That Signage Offers

By putting up signs in the right spot, at the right time, you can create awareness about your services and goods. Other than that, signage is also great for drawing attention towards offers and discounts. More importantly, signage offers certain advantages that most other marketing or branding tools don’t.

One of the biggest advantages being round the clock advertisement with minimal supervision. Unlike a TV ad or online promotion, a signage doesn’t require too much attention. You just put it up and let it do its thing. It’s going to stay put all day long, keeping everyone who passes by informed. This happens throughout the day. It’s probably one of the few continuous forms of advertising that you can leverage without paying through your nose.

More Than Just Business

Promoting a business is just one of the many use cases for signage. Signage also plays an important role in health and safety and wayfinding. Let’s say you’re organizing an event and want to guide your attendees to the right spots. What do you do? Well, you print out signage with wayfinding symbols or even text. This is a great way to ensure that your attendees and visitors enjoy a comfortable experience at your events. Then, there’s the whole health and safety thing. Organizations of all sizes are expected to adhere to state and federal health and safety regulations. Using appropriate signage is one of the requirements. So, signage is practically mandatory for your business, at least as far as safety and health compliance goes.

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