Roll Labels Printing

Roll Labels Printing Service

Labels PrintingAt VELV Design, we offer specialized labels and sticker printing services to both individuals and businesses. Label printing in Los Angeles is something we provide as a part of our huge umbrella of printing services. If you are looking for the best custom labels for your labeling needs, you should certainly reach out to us at VELV Design.

Labels may seem just a small, insignificant aspect when it comes to grabbing eyeballs of people, but they actually have a very significant role to play in creating your brand’s identity. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our services of label printing in Los Angeles to suit different branding requirements of marketers so that they get the end product they are looking for.

Customized Label Printing In Los Angeles For All Your Labeling Needs

As a professional Los Angeles label printing service provider, Velv Design believes in versatility. We do label printing for a vast range of marketing activities, which aim to enhance the position of a brand. Here’s a glimpse of our specialized label printing in Los Angeles:

  • Shape labels. If you are looking for label with shape printing in Los Angeles, Velv Design is your ideal choice. We can print labels of any shapes for different marketing materials, such as gifts, product packaging, food labels, name tags, ID labels, bottle labels, and so many more.
  • T-shirt labels. Our cut shirt label printing in Los Angeles is what you need for creating attention-grabbing promotional t-shirts for your brand. We create realistic t-shirt designs and ensure that all your brand colors are clearly and memorably reflected in your labels, thereby helping you meet your marketing objectives.
  • Roll labels. We provide customized roll label printing in Los Angeles to our clients who are looking for a cost-effective and impactful way of advertising their products. We allow you to order them in bulk and use them for your product packaging or event marketing.
  • Vinyl labels. VELV Design is also your go-to option if you are looking for vinyl labels printing in Los Angeles. We use superior-quality vinyl materials to create water-proof and long-lasting labels, which are also suitable for event tents and outdoor displays.

VELV Design is known for providing quick turnaround period of just a few working days. You can even get your labels printed within two days if you opt for our express delivery service. Choose us if you are looking for affordable, highly-advanced label printing in Los Angeles.