Brochure Printing in Los Angeles

Brochure Printing in Los Angeles

Looking for the best service provider of brochure printing in Los Angeles? Brochures are booklets that inform the target audience about a brand’s product or service. As compared to digital ads that are transient, brochures reinforce the marketing message, helping consumers make informed purchase decisions.

Why Are Brochures Still Relevant?

Brochures are not just a cost-effective way to reach out to target audience as compared to expensive digital campaigns, but by providing prolonged exposure periods, also boost brand recall and retention. More than 79 percent of small and medium business owners who consider brochures as an important marketing tool consult leading Los Angeles print shop for design and printing. Here are some more reasons why brochures continue to be relevant in the digital era:

  • A Bentley University research showed brochures are #1 market influencers for tourists along with maps and guides
  • 83% of people visit a store after reading the brochure
  • In a survey, 56% of customers said print marketing is the most trustworthy source of information as compared to other forms of marketing
  • 82 percent of internet users make purchase decisions based on print advertisements such as brochures
  • 95 percent of visitors become aware of a business or brand after viewing a brochure

The Top Benefits of High-Quality Brochures

Although brochures are indispensable tools of marketing, not all brochures are created equal. Cluttered design, poor quality of printing, and use of inexpensive paper can have a negative impact on the brand instead of boosting its image. This is the reason why business owners entrust all their printing in Glendale and surrounding areas to us at VELV Design & Printing.

We are a premium provider of a range of printing, web design, content marketing, and EDDM service in Los Angeles. For decades, we have been partnering with business owners to craft top-notch brochures that speak volumes about the brand’s commitment to quality and elegance.

From the choice of printing paper to high-resolution images and color options, we have what it takes to craft exquisite, visually captivating brochures.

High-Quality Brochures from the Top Rated Printing Company

Here are the top advantages of entrusting your high-quality brochure printing to the preferred service provider of Los Angeles brochure printing:

Cost-effective: SMEs that run on tight budgets find brochures to be the most cost-effective tools for marketing as compared to television or digital campaigns. With offset printing, we can provide bulk printing options at highly competitive prices.

Provide complete information: Digital ads, whether PPC or social media, come with character and length limitations. A high-quality 4-page color brochure lets you narrate your brand story while giving out all relevant information at one go.

Make a lasting impression: First impressions matter the most in advertising. Bold color themes, striking images, creative copy, and top quality inks and stocks used in your brochure can lift your brand image to new heights.

Add a personal touch: As the most trusted provider of brochure printing in Los Angeles, we excel in the design and print of personalized brochures that resonate with your target audience.

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