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Whether you need a custom-designed and printed calendar for your business or personal use, VELV Design & Printing is your number one option for calendar printing in Los Angeles. For many years, businesses have used calendars as a promotional product, and despite the increased use of technology and screens, calendars have shown no sign of disappearing from the picture. Instead of being an extinct stationary item, they can still be found hanging on the wall or being placed on a work or study desk in many homes and offices.

Bringing You Calendars that Do More than Just Display Dates

Being at the forefront of the industry, we are aware of all the trends and changes that have taken over regarding calendars and other printing services, and our clients benefit hugely from this. For instance, we make it a point to inform each and every client of all the options they have when printing calendars. Today, calendars can be found on the backs of your business cards, on magnets, on your office desk or study desk, or hanging from the wall at home or office. Our clients can choose the most suitable choice for their purpose, and our job is to deliver exactly what they want within the time promised.

High-Quality Calendar Printing for Business and Personal Purposes

Whether you want a calendar for your business that will be given to your customers or you want a custom-designed calendar for personal purposes, for instance, with your family picture printed on it, VELV Design & Printing can do it all. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver to our clients, services and products that exceed their expectation.

When it comes to Los Angeles, calendar printing service is offered by many. But what makes VELV Design & Printing so unique and different from the rest is that we treat every project and client as if they were our only project and client. Since we give our unwavering attention to each client to ensure that we produce nothing but the best results, we are the top choice for calendar printing in Los Angeles.

Most times, calendar printing is done in bulk with all the details already decided upon in advance. We strongly believe that in order to expose its full potential, calendar printing relies heavily on design and quality color reproduction, which is why we have the best professionals to work on it using the latest equipment. We print on glossy paper with durable binding, making our calendars worth every dollar.

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