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Canvases have always been the projection board for painters and artists, who express their creativity and feelings on them. Getting them printed would make for a timeless piece of art that reminds you of your talent time and time again. If creating a canvas print is on your mind, you should reach out to us at VELV Design & Printing. We provide specialized and highly-advanced stretched canvas printing in Los Angeles to both home and retail owners.

Creating Canvas Prints That You Would Want To Treasure

We are a team of creative professionals who share a passion for art and designing. Our designers think beyond the conventional draw-and-color tactics to come up with canvas prints that speak of your personality.

Stretched canvas, white canvas, and mounted canvas are our primary specialty areas, which we continually seek to perfect. There’s no end to learning, and our team is well-poised to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Applications of Canvas Printing

Our printed white canvases  are designed to meet the artistic needs of homeowners, interior designers, and retail owners. Homeowners and interior designers can approach us to get meticulously-packaged mounted canvas printing services for their interior decoration needs. Whether it’s a doodle or an abstract play of colors that you wish to print, we have the creativity to give your thoughts an impressive expressive.

For retail owners, our mounted canvas printing in Los Angeles proves particularly beneficial. With so many players entering the market every second day, retail owners have to create compelling visual communications that speak their brand’s story. Our mounted canvas printing in Los Angeles provides an opportunity for retail owners to highlight their brand and increase its reach in a competitive market.

How We Benefit You?

At VELV Design & Printing, we are committed to offering the best printing services to all our clients. Our stretched canvas printing in Los Angeles is:

Innovative We believe in trying out hands at different canvas printing styles and coming up with innovative, never-seen-before canvas printing designs.

Timely We have a quick turnover time of a maximum of seven business days. We also have an express delivery system, which delivers the product within two working days.

Affordable Unlike other providers of stretched canvas printing in Los Angeles, our printing services are priced to suit the pockets of our clients. We keep our prices at a competitive but affordable level.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us at (818) 540-5555 to get high-quality canvas prints in and around Los Angeles.

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