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For business owners in Los Angeles, regardless of which industry you are in or how big of a business you are, VELV Design & Printing has got you covered when it comes to door hanger printing in Los Angeles. We offer exclusive deals for our clients at competitive prices which are hard to resist.

Delivering Impeccable Door Hangers for Every Business, for Every Purpose (818) 540-5555

Door hangers are used for various purposes. Perhaps, the most common use is in hotels and other places of accommodation, allowing the guests to communicate with the staff, without directly having to speak to them. Door hangers are also used for advertising, and this can be very effective when done the right way. For instance, your business may use door hangers if you have a sale coming up or if you have a new product you would like people to try out. You can use door hangers to deliver these product samples so that people can try them out and provide valuable feedback.

Another reason why door hangers are so popular is that they can do all these at a very affordable price. Especially at VELV Design & Printing, we offer our clients cost-effective rates and quick turnaround without compromising on the quality of your door hanger.

No Need to Knock on Every Door to Get Unmatched Service and Results

VELV Design & Printing is your one-stop shop for all kinds of printing services, including door hangers. You do not have to search high and low for unmatched services that provide excellent results when you have our team of printing professionals ready to take care of your needs. What makes our Los Angeles door hanger printing service so unique is that we provide the perfect mix of professional and personal touch for all our clients- professional, so they know they are in good hands, and personal, so they feel taken care of. There are a few printing businesses who can say the same.

We at VELV Design & Printing strongly believe that a door hanger has great potential in delivering the message intended in a short and crisp manner, while at the same time being a voice for your brand. Therefore, it is essential that a door hanger must contain only a select bunch of details and information. In other words, say only what the customer needs to hear to take the intended action and nothing more. So, a well-designed door hanger should include nothing more than the contact information and logo, the special offer a business provides, as well as an effective call to action. Contact VELV Design & Printing today for all your door hanger needs!

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