Deep Expertise in Banner Printing in Los Angeles

At VELV Design & Printing, we possess deep expertise in creating indoor and outdoor banners to boost our clients’ promotional efforts. Every brand, whether old or new, small or big, rely on banners to communicate their message to their target audience. It’s not an easy job and requires brands to be both strategic and creative at the same time. VELV Design & Printing emerges to cater to the need of brands to get noticed amidst the clutter.

As a Professional Provider of Banner Printing in Los Angeles, We Design the Following Types of Banners:

  • Mesh banners. Mesh banners are built on polyester material and proves extremely useful in advertising at windy locations. The material allows air to pass through easily, thereby preventing the banner from falling off due to air pressure. Choose our mesh banner printing in Los Angeles and overcome a major locational hurdle in your promotional efforts.
  • Retractable banners. We create retractable banners, both with and without stand, which can stand on their own. Our service of retractable banners printing in Los Angeles proves ideal for creating point-of-purchase displays for corporate events, trade shows or any other promotional events. They are easy to store and transport.
  • Step and repeat banners. Step and repeat banners are yet another promotional tool that brands can use to enhance their visibility. You can opt for our service of step and repeat banners printing in Los Angeles to get appealing, eye-catching, and informative banners for your promotional events.
  • X frame banners. X frame banners prove highly economical in displaying your business’ information without compromising the durability and style of the display. Our services for X frame banner printing in Los Angeles can help you get this lightweight marketing tool at an affordable cost, and ensure that your brand gets maximum visibility when featured at different promotional events.

What Makes Our Banners So Preferable?

  • Durable. Whether it is mesh banners printing, retractable banners printing, step and repeat banners printing or X frame banner printing, our printing company in Los Angeles ensures that the end-product is always able to stand the test of time.
  • Simple to create and install. Our banners are designed in such a way that our clients don’t have to spend hours installing them at the location. We can play with different attributes for the brand easily and come up with an attractive banner.
  • Affordable. Our indoor and outdoor banners, although advanced, don’t cost you a bomb. You can reach your target audience and create the desired impact without setting a sky-high marketing budget.

Call us at (818) 540-5555 to know more about our banner printing service and get the best out of your promotional efforts.

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