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Letterheads are crucial elements of any business stationary, making them look extremely professional and credible when designed and printed with care. At VELV Design & Printing, we provide unmatched service and quality finished products when it comes to letterhead printing in Los Angeles. Whether you want simple designs and colors or a more elaborate design with full colors, our team will take care of your needs and deliver the letterhead of your dreams. At VELV Design & Printing, we strongly believe a letterhead speaks a lot about any business, which is why we make sure that it does not just contain the name, contact information, and company logo of your organization, but that it is a representation of what your business stands for. In simple words, your letterhead is like a portable signboard of your company that travels to all the important clients, competitors, the media, and even the public.

Our VELV Design & Printing Letterhead Promise

In Los Angeles, letterhead printing is a service sought out by many businesses across different industries. Therefore, it is crucial that your company’s letterhead stands out from that of your competitors’, and attract attention the right way. To help all our clients achieve this, we at VELV Design & Printing make sure we follow a set of simple rules in every project we carry out.

First, we keep the goals of the client in mind. This is most important to us in order to deliver satisfactory results. Whatever design and color you want, we will turn it into something tangible for you. If you don’t have any ideas and approach us with a blank slate, that’s fine too! Our creative team will come up with the perfect design for your business.

Secondly, as we have mentioned before, VELV Design & Printing makes sure that your letterhead accurately represents what your business is all about. In other words, we work to ensure that your letterhead always represents your brand as it is an extension of your business.

Professional and Strong Finish for Letterhead Printing in Los Angeles

We also understand that a common issue with many letterhead designs is that there are too many details cramped up in a little space. This only makes the letterhead look shabby and unprofessional. At VELV Design & Printing, we only add the right details, keeping in mind who the recipient of the letterhead is.

Last but not the least, we always make sure your letterhead has a sleek, professional and strong finish with special effects such as foil blocking, embossing or others. We only print out on high-quality paper that is also cost-effective. This goes a long way in reinforcing your brand to those who matter.

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