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Are you on the lookout for newsletter printing in Los Angeles?  Trying to promote a business or simply trying to keep the neighbors in your apartment complex informed? Well, there’s a common tool that gets the job done for you. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s the good old newsletter. Believe it or not, printed newsletters are still a thing. Though they may not be the most preferred method of communication, they still have a very relevant role to play in marketing, promotion, and general communication.

Print Is Permanent

It’s, of course, a whole lot easier to send out an e-newsletter or just an email. However, there are reasons why some entities still prefer printed newsletters. You see, there is a sense of permanence to any tangible object and humans are designed to work with that concept. We can’t completely overcome the habit of holding and feeling things.

That’s the beauty of a newsletter. You hold it in your hands, and you read the information. In fact, the tangibility of the printed newsletter motivates you to read it. However, if this were an e-newsletter in your inbox, you probably would have just marked it as spam or ignored it. But, when you find a newsletter lying around, you’re going to just want to pick it up and go through it. This is exactly why newsletters are still in circulation.

Keep the Crowd Updated with Attractive Newsletters

As they say, old habits die hard, and that’s a good thing if you’re looking to circulate printed newsletters. Plus, when something exists in physical form, it rarely gets discarded right away. This is great news if you intend to communicate important information. Your average customer, event attendee or neighbor is most likely going to hold on to the newsletter for a relatively longer period of time. This means they have more flexibility in terms of accessing key information. But, with an online version, the same person could end up deleting the newsletter as a knee-jerk reaction.

It’s Raining Newsletters at VELV Design & Printing

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