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Rubber bands have been around ever since mankind figured it could vulcanize rubber and make useful utilities out of it. Rubber bands are not only a household utility but are also used in numerous office and industrial applications. Rubber bands have been used for holding and tying things together since ages. In the recent years, they have also evolved as a trendy fashion accessory. While traditional accessories such as arm bracelets are still popular, they do not offer the unlimited freedom in customizations that printed presentation bands offer. We at VELV Design & Printing specialize in Los Angeles printing services and provide you with number one presentation bands printing in Los Angeles services.

Bring Out Your Persona Through Our Finely Designed Presentation Bands

Rubber bands which are worn on the wrists (also known as presentation bands) come in a variety of shapes, colors and prints. Presentation bands are worn by almost everyone today. They often signify various organizations and cultural movements that the wearer identifies with. Such bands usually have the logo or the insignia of the organizations printed on them. We work with bands of numerous materials. We are capable of printing any kind of intricate customizations that the customer chooses and are adept at providing a high-quality finish.

Varieties of Presentation Bands

Some of the varieties of presentation bands that we have worked with include bands which are completely latex free and UV resistant, double-sided printed bands, customized pantone colors, printing on transparent and translucent. Our wide-range of on-demand printing services can take on any kind of project and provide fine-quality service here in Los Angeles at affordable rates. Our presentation bands are not only unique in their aesthetics but are also eye-catching and trendy.

A lot of customers consider their accessories to be a part of their identity and hence take a great deal of care in selecting and customizing them. With our services, they can now get quality printed presentation bands of their choice. No matter how intricate the design VELV Design & Printing can execute with flawless accuracy. If you’re in Los Angeles, Burbank, or Glendale and you’re looking for presentation bands then look no further.

We are extremely environmentally conscious and ensure green methodologies in all of our signage printing activities. This means managing our printing inks and other chemicals efficiently, ensuring that the bands are made out of eco-friendly materials and that all our processes produce minimal waste. Through our wide range of design and printing options, we always have something to offer to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

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