Spider Feet Stakes Are Perfect For Simple Yet Powerful Communication

At VELV Design & Printing, a leading printing service in LA, we specialize in fine quality spider feet stake printing and offer a diverse set of customization and design options. Our spider feet signs not only possess aesthetic quality but are also affordable. Here in Los Angeles, VELV Design & Printing assures to provide spider feet stakes printing in Los Angeles for all kinds of purposes no matter what the occasion or information.

Spider feet stand-up displays and stakes are an immensely popular way of posting various kinds of content such as advertisements, notices about events, brochures and other information. They are popular due to their ease of implementation and their cost-effective nature. They can be printed on one or both sides and can hold signs and stakes of multiple thicknesses, materials and sizes.

How Do Spider Feet Stakes Work

Spider feet stakes utilize one or two small, single-piece stands which are places in the ground. The stands are in the shape of a bent strip with a wedge right in-between. This makes them look like a spider’s leg from the profile view. The two spider feet are placed at a fixed distance from each other and the sign or stake is inserted in the wedge and fixed tightly. The spider feet stands are spaced accordingly so that once the signboard slots into the two spider feet, the stake is ready to be presented and it can stand on its own. Depending upon dimensions and weight of the placard, one or two spider feet stands may be used.  For placards that are vertically long can often be balanced using only one spider feet stand.

Why Choose VELV Design & Printing

At VELV Design & Printing, our spider feet stakes printing experts take every detail into consideration while designing spider feet stakes. We not only ensure that the surface and material of the placard are perfect for printing and inking, but also customize the spider feet stands (which are made from high-quality steel) in order to complement the overall design of the signpost. We offer spider feet stakes in multiple sizes and can go higher than 6 feet. We have an astonishingly fast turn-around time irrespective of the complexity of the design. Here in Los Angeles, VELV Design & Printing provides the best spider feet stakes printing and in an amazingly short time. Spider feet stakes printing, while simple, is an effective and powerful way of getting the message the across. Spider feet stakes can be deployed almost anywhere conveying the message of the client across.

For all your spider feet stakes printing needs, get in touch with us at VELV Design & Printing today at (818) 540-5555!

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