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Vehicle decals printing in Los Angeles for all kinds of applications can be done in VELV Design & Printing with speed and accuracy. Cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles of all sizes and utilities can be printed here in a wide range of designs!

Car decals are adhesive coated stickers and banners that can be stuck in different locations in the car. Car decals find numerous applications and are an extremely popular means of advertisement, conveying information or credentials and a means of customizing and decorating one’s own car. Entire cars can be turned into mobile billboards and ad-pages. Customizable printing service in Los Angeles for vehicle decals in all kinds of formats and styles are provided by VELV Design & Printing. Decals are available in all kinds of durable and high-quality materials. Styles range from formal and somber for conveying credentials, a wide range of colorful and attractive printing options for advertisements and other kinds of custom designs as per the client’s preferences.

Vehicle Decals Have Come A Long Way From One-Liners

There is a wide range of vehicle decal printing services that are available today. Depending upon the client’s preferences and the utility of the vehicle decals there are a variety of designs and techniques that can be used. Some of the major decal printing services are mentioned below.

  • Vehicle Lettering. These vehicle lettering services are available in all kinds of fonts and styles. Popular for displaying formal information, such as, business details, credentials and other information are usually displayed using this style. Such decals are bold, simple and are easily readable. While there are a lot of ways of vehicle lettering, one of the most popular forms include using vinyl material and an appropriate adhesive.
  • Clear and perforated decal printing. Such decals are especially popular amongst trucks and busses as they allow for large coverage. Clear and perforated decals allow the clients to print any design over the windows as well, with sacrificing visibility from the inside. Such on glass prints usually cover in a wide variety of laminations and coats which protect the glass and the print from all kinds of dust and pollutants.
  • Opaque prints. These are short-term banners which usually come in small and medium sizes. These are generally used on a temporary basis – popular for vehicles which change their designs and banners routinely. These prints are strong enough to retain the daily grind and can be removed using professional techniques easily after use.

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