An Art Form As Well As A Powerful Utility: Know More About Wall Decals

At VELV Design & Printing, wall decals printing in Los Angeles is done for all kinds of reasons. From wall to wall artistic murals to advertisements for all kinds of services and products are done at our Los Angeles print shop. Various kinds of customized designs, prints and textures are available. Additionally, protective coatings and covers for the protection of walls and the decals can be implemented to enhance the quality further.

Wall decals are also known as wall stickers and are a popular form of printing and putting up designs for aesthetic reasons and for conveying important information. A lot of offices use these vinyl based wall decals for informational and marketing purposes. A lot of people choose to decorate their walls with custom-made art and installations. While the informational decals often choose to be monochromatic and simple for easy readability, those for advertisements and artistic reasons can be composed of multiple colors and unique designs.

Ways of Printing Wall Decals

Wall decals come on various designs and cuts. From simple monochrome decals to bordered lettering for impactful effects, the design of wall decals can be customized according to the needs and preferences. Wall decals are not just limited to simplistic designs. Full-scale image printed vinyl cutouts can be easily generated which can be as complex as the client requires. The wall decals can be designed in ways to be adaptive to all kinds of wall surfaces, from porous, non-porous to walls with synthetic covers.

A lot of these wall decals can be reused or repositioned before making it permanent, thanks to the development of a variety of high-quality adhesives. There a lot of different finishes such as gloss, plastic, metallic, mirror, wooden and a variety of other textures and patterns. A lot of offices and businesses also employ wall decals with whiteboard or notepad finish for easy writing of notes and sticking up important notices. There are also zero-PVC wall decals available which are made from different kinds of woven fabric and are used with suitable adhesives.

Wall decal printing services not only print the decals of their customer’s choice, but also offer consultation services regarding the design that best suits the overall aesthetics and the color scheme the customer should opt for. With such a comprehensive range of services, wall decoration and utilization has become a breeze the ready availability of such wall decal printing solutions.

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