Window Cling Printing

At VELV Design & Printing, we offer quality-grade window clings printing in Los Angeles service. One can find almost all kinds of customization options, textures, finishes and lettering services. While decals are often limited to vehicle lettering and indoor wall decals, the great thing about glass is that it’s meant to provide constant visibility to the outside observer. That is why, having window clings makes complete sense from an advertising point of view. It’s a static location for posting information or marketing content that is ever visible to everyone who passes by. At VELV Design & Printing, customers can also get their own window clings designed which can be used for decorating their windows.

Completely Reusable And Doesn’t Require Adhesives

Window clings have turned into a not only popular form of advertisement for businesses and high demand for printing service but also a unique and tasteful way of decorating windows according to designs of one’s own choice.  While window clings might seem like something similar to decals, they are a very different form of print cutouts designed for glass. Unlike, decals, there are no adhesives associated with such clings. Windows clings use static electricity for gripping on to glass surfaces. There are custom window clings available that can be designed in any shape and color and can be easily attached to windows in a manner of seconds.

Advantages of Using Window Clings

One of the biggest advantages of using window clings is the fact that, since there is no adhesive involved, these clings can be used over and over again and can be changed extremely easily. This makes them ideal choices for businesses who wish to conserve costs and make cost-effective advertising decisions. Window clings have also become popular as a decorative window feature. There are various kinds of decorative borders, tinted clings and beautiful prints available that are quite popular amongst domestic consumers.

Another biggest advantages of using window clings is the affordable and reusable nature as well as their extremely strong grip which gives them a higher quality finish.

Window cling printing in Los Angeles is not only suitable for windows on properties, but on vehicles. Trucks and buses can choose to cover their rear panes with window clings for advertising and decorative reasons. Another advantage of windows clings is their customizable nature. Window clings can be used by businesses, freelancers, artists and diverse local services.

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