Window Perf Printing Have Changed The Game Of Advertising

For high-quality and customizable window perf printing in Los Angeles, the VELV Design & printing is the best place to shop. You will find window perfs of varying transparency and design that can be customized to suit the customer’s exact requirements or aesthetic preferences. One can find window perf printing solutions for not just vehicles but also for all kinds of glass surfaces. One can choose from a wide range of fonts, styles, colors and textures that are perfect for conveying information, advertisements and decorations.

Window perfs are basically perforated vinyl decals that can be applied over any kind of glass surface. Such window perfs provide the advantage of allowing businesses to post customizable content for their advertisements and at the same time maintain visibility from the inside of the glass. While they are called window perfs as they are typically used for vehicle windows, these perforated vinyl cuts can be used for almost all kinds of glass surfaces, from static windows to glass doors.

Advantages of Window Perfs

Window perfs or perforated vinyl is made of vinyl that has evenly separated uniform holes. These holes are very small in size and make the vinyl film transparent from only one side. These window perfs are incredibly versatile and find use in windows of offices, airports, hotels, restaurants, billboards, retail shops and other facilities along with windows of vehicles, especially big ones such as retail vehicles, buses and trucks.

Window perf printing in Los Angeles comes in a wide range of perforation ratio. There is a wide range of perforations available depending upon the level of transparency the customer requires. One of the most popular perforation ratios is 50/50 and 70/30, here the first number represents the printed area and the second number indicates the portion left open by the holes. These window perfs provide businesses with an extremely cost-effective way to promote their services and products. Such see-through window graphics have turned into powerful advertising tools which are not only readily visible to all consumers who happen to come across such perfs but are also customizable enough to be readily attractive and eye-catching.

Through the use of advanced printing technologies, such window perfs can be printed and implemented in incredibly short periods of time and can attain extremely high resolutions. Due to their perfect match with vehicle windows, these window perfs provide a better form advertisement tool than static posters or decals.

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