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At MADBOSS Auto Group, they have been dedicated to making the process of leasing a vehicle easier and more enjoyable than ever. Owned and operated by passionate automotive enthusiasts, they needed an elegant and functional website that would showcase have visible call to action options for the customers that prefer getting in contact right away.

MadBoss Website Landing Page


Any smart and modern business knows just how important a well-designed website can be. A website is like a digital office, where existing clients, potential clients, and others can visit to understand what your business is all about. At VELV Design, a top rated Los Angeles web design company, we ensure that your website truly represents your brand in all aspects – from the fonts used to the overall tone of the pages – and strive to design exceptional websites that stand out from the competition.
We value our clients at VELV Design, and we always go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results when it comes to both printing services as well as graphics and designing.
To bring any good website to life is no easy task, and we understand that it takes skill and experience for the best possible results. If you are looking for a website that will truly put your business on the map and allow you to begin building a beneficial online footprint, you can count on the experienced team of web designers at VELV Design to provide you with a professional and one-of-a-kind website.

Corporate Websites Development

Regardless of the industry that your company is in or the customers that you are trying to reach, a well-designed website is a necessity in today’s technology-driven market. When potential customers want to find out more about your brand, the world wide web is almost certainly going to be the first place that they look. Make sure they find an impressive and professional website waiting to greet them by working with VELV Design to build an attractive and functional corporate website for your business.

Even if you don’t intend to sell products or services online, a professional corporate website is still essential for several important reasons. To start, having an attractive and functional website helps establish your company as an authority in your field. A good website is also one of the best ways to raise brand awareness and educate potential customers about the solutions that you are offering. Lastly, a good corporate website can be a helpful tool for your employees to use as well.
Whatever it is that you might be looking for out of a corporate website, VELV Design can help. To learn more about our Los Angeles web design services, be sure to contact us today.

E-Commerce Websites Development

Having a great website is always important. If you own a company that is centered around selling products online, though, your website is your company’s most important tool. Convincing customers to turn over their hard-earned money without ever seeing your products in-person is no easy task. Doing so requires a professionally designed website that is specifically built with e-commerce in mind.

By building an attractive and easy-to-use website that you can fill with your promotional content and use as the basis for your online sales funnel, VELV Design is able to give your brand a leg up over your competition in the e-commerce space.
A successful e-commerce company revolves around the effectiveness of its website. If you would like to build a unique website that will give your e-commerce company the best possible chance of succeeding, be sure to contact VELV Design today to learn more about our industry-leading Los Angeles web design services.

VELV Keeps These in Mind While Designing Your Website

In Los Angeles, web design services are sought after by many businesses. Web design companies in the area, therefore, face tough competition. Despite this high level of competition, though, VELV Design has managed to stay on top of the game, delivering unparalleled results to countless satisfied clients. We do this by making sure every website we design has these qualities:

True to your brand

A website should be attractive and eye-catching while staying true to your brand. Usually, simple websites with contrasting color schemes (difference in color between the background and content) work well, rather than websites overloaded with texts and images.

Easy to navigate

What good is a beautiful website if no one can use it? It is crucial that users can easily navigate around your website without confusion or difficulty.

Fast loading time

Did you know that how fast your website loads affects your search engine ranking? We ensure that your users do not experience slow speed and that every page loads within a few seconds.


Today, many users access websites from all kinds of devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets. We ensure that your website is compatible with all these devices and every modern browser.


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