Landing Pages

Websites’ Landing Pages Design and Development

If you are a business in Los Angeles, landing page development for your website is probably a service that you have searched for. Look no further than VELV Design – your one-stop shop for all kinds of high-quality printing in Los Angeles, branding and web design services. VELV Design is your best choice for website landing page design in Los Angeles. With fast turnaround, cost-effective rates and great service, we are here to create your ideal landing page.

Designing Great Landing Pages For Your Business

A landing page is what will create a visitor’s first impression of your business, making it one of the most important elements in web-design. No matter how visitors find your landing page, there is but one purpose – to convert leads into sales. In order to achieve this, it is necessary that your landing page has certain qualities such as the ones mentioned below:

  • A clear CTA (call-to-action). In order for your conversion rates to significantly increase, having a clear call-to-action or CTS on your landing page is necessary. Whether you want them to buy a product, avail a service, or you want them to contact you, we make sure that whatever you want your customers to do is clearly mentioned in your landing page.
  • Concise text content that is easy to understand. Text is an important element of any landing page, and it is crucial that you don’t over-use texts. Nobody has time to read essays on the internet. Instead, short, concise and attention-grabbing texts and headlines will do the trick. Also, at VELV, we recommend using fonts which are easy to read with the right amount of line height and letter spacing.
  • Great visual content is strategically chosen and placed. Visual content is as important as text. It will be the element that catches the attention of the visitor first in your landing page. Whether you are using images, icons or an infographic like charts, they help to ensure that you send the message you want.
  • Aesthetically appealing color schemes. The color scheme is an important consideration for a landing page. Using contrasting colors have proven to be highly effective and more pleasing to the eyes, while using different colors for each navigation element improves functionality.
  • Proof of credibility. Your landing page could use some testimonials from satisfied customers, or any other information that shows just how credible and trustworthy you are, such as press features. These encourage visitors to take action.