Website Maintenance

Unparalleled Website Maintenance Service In Los Angeles Area

For any business or personal website, it is of utmost importance that everything is always up-to-date. To achieve this, in-depth maintenance undertaken by professionals is required for your website. At VELV Design, your one-stop shop for website maintenance service in Los Angeles, we work hard to ensure that each of our clients has websites which are well-maintained and updated regularly.

Your website, like every other aspect of your business, requires constant attention and care in order to function without any issues. If you fail to cater to its routine maintenance requirements, then you are bound to witness functional deterioration, which in turn affects your business.

Allow VELV Design to take care of your website while you invest your time and energy into more pressing matters of your business. Website maintenance is an integral part of making sure your business stays afloat, and it is best handled by professionals who are trained for this very purpose and with years of experience.

Whether you need a thorough review of each and every page on your site to check for typos, broken links, missing/outdated content, compliance to certain standards, or just a test after an update, VELV Design has got you covered. In addition, services such as KPI and SEO reviews and monthly analytics reports, testing of forms and checkout processes, annual renewal of domain names, an annual test for browser compatibility, updating of copyright notices and legal disclaimers, as well as routine security updates and bug fixes are taken care of by us.

Why You Need a Top-Notch Website Maintenance Service from VELV Design

Why should you invest in our Los Angeles website maintenance service? What benefits do you avail from VELV Design when you hire us to take care of your website regularly?

First, you are guaranteed security at all times. In the highly digital age we live in today, there are all kinds of risks and malware on the web that can cause harm to your website. However, with regular security updates and bug fixes, you don’t have to worry about how such things can harm your website.

Routine website maintenance makes sure every aspect of your website is up and running without any issues at all times. This greatly improves user experience, giving visitors a smooth and seamless experience every time they visit your website. This not only provides a great impression of your business, but encourages them to come back, increasing traffic to your site.