Why Every Small Business Needs Every Door Direct Mail Service

Far from being dead and gone, the printed form of communication is now more relevant than ever. With more than 70 percent of consumers stating the printed EDDM service (Every Door Direct Mail) was more personal than emails, small business owners need to intensify their efforts to find the best print shop company in Los Angeles.

What is Every Door Direct Mail Marketing?

Every Door Direct Mail marketing refers to sending high-quality booklets, brochures, postcards, or other promotional products through postal service to specified target customers. These materials contain marketing messages that are intended to create brand awareness, boost sales, acquire customers, or engage existing customers. 

Why Consult the Best Service Provider of EDDM Los Angeles Area Has?

Top-rated experts of EDDM Los Angeles business owners trust, know how powerful EDDM is as compared to digital advertising, emails, or social media. Consider these facts and figures:

  • 79 percent of target customers immediately act on the direct mail communication.
  • EDDM has a higher response rate at 4.4 percent, according to recent research, as compared to 0.3 percent response rate of emails.
  • While the brand recall rates of EDDM is 75 percent, digital mails have a recall rate of only 44 percent. The printed form of communication is easier to read, absorb, and retain apart from being more credible.

Above all, your consumers “enjoy” receiving personalized, relevant direct mail communication about promotional products from businesses because it enhances the connection they have with the brand.

Top Four Benefits of Reaching Out to Professional EDDM Services

For every business owner, building trust, loyalty, and boosting sales through direct mail marketing are top priorities. These are the reasons why most SMEs look for the best quality of printing Glendale or Los Angeles area can lay claim to. Professional EDDM service providers help you:

  • Reach out to your consumer base: By targeting specific geographic areas and selecting carrier routes and zip codes, you can reach out to a highly specific group of consumers. You can narrow down your target audience by age, location, or income, giving you maximum control over the outcomes of your campaign.
  • Tell a compelling story: With the flexibility offered by print mail in terms of size, color, dimensions, you can design your content to tell a compelling, personalized story.
  • Get maximum ROI: With no need to buy mailing lists or permits and a simplified mailing system, EDDM is economical and delivers the maximum return on investment.
  • Grow your business: By adding a personalized touch, you can create a high impact campaign that boosts response, exposure, engagement, and recall, all of which are the foundations of business growth.

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